How to Go to Advanced Settings on Instagram

The advanced settings feature on Instagram helps you customize your posts to a great extent. We will explain in this article how to go to advanced settings on Instagram.

You can use advanced settings to hide the like and view counts on your specific posts. It will also help you stop people from commenting on your particular posts.

Where are Advanced Settings on Instagram? 

The advanced settings option appears on the page where you publish your posts. Here is how you can access advanced settings.

Step1: Launch the Instagram app and tap the + icon in the top-right corner, then choose post.

Alternatively, you can swipe from left to right on your home screen page, then choose the Post option from the bottom menu. Both methods with take you to the same screen.

Step2: Pick the picture you want to post on Instagram. You can select a saved photo on your device or take a new one.

Step3: Tap the arrow sign in the top-right corner after selecting the picture for your Instagram post. On the next screen, you can edit your image and apply filters or move ahead without making any changes.

Next, you will see the page where you can publish the post. You will find the advanced settings option at the bottom of that page.

Step4: Tap Advanced settings to view advanced setting options for your current Instagram post.

You will find the following options in the advanced settings category.

1) Hide like & view counts on this post: Enabling this option will prevent everyone except you from viewing the total like counts on your post. 

2) Turn off Commenting: As the name suggests, enabling this option will prevent other people from commenting on your post.

3) Write alt text: Alt (alternate) text is for users with visual impairments. Instagram creates alt texts for your posts by default, but you can also write them yourself.

Enabling any of the above settings will only apply to the specific post you are posting instead of all your posts.

You can later unhide like counts and turn on comments on the post if you decide to change your mind. To change the advanced settings, tap the three-dotted menu on the post and select the desired options.

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