What is Team Snapchat & How to Block It

When you create an account on Snapchat, a profile by the name of Team Snapchat appears in your friend list by default. You will learn in this article what is Team Snapchat and how you can block it.

We will also see what happens if you remove Team Snapchat from your chats page.

Let’s first understand what we talk about when we talk about Team Snapchat.

What is Team Snapchat?

As you might have guessed by the name, Team Snapchat is the official account of the Snapchat support team. It will send notifications and guides about new Snapchat features and other resources.

Note that Team Snapchat is not the profile of a person. It is a bot that sends various resources to help you use Snapchat effectively. So, you cannot have a casual conversation with it.

You may find their regular messages an annoyance. After all, it does not always send helpful messages in your DM. You might want to prevent getting messages from them if you do not think they are beneficial. We will help you get rid of messages from Team Snapchat.

You only have to block the profile of the support team to stop getting messages from them. Remember, you can always unblock it later if you change your mind.

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How to Block Team Snapchat

Step1: Launch Snapchat on your iPhone or Android device.

Step2: Visit your chats section by tapping the chat icon in the bottom menu. Alternatively, swipe right on the screen to go to the same page.

Step3: Find Team Snapchat on your chat page. Afterward, long press the chat and choose Manage Friendship.

Step4: Select Block.

Snapchat Team will no longer send you messages. Note that you can also get the same result by unfriending them. To unfriend Team Snapchat, choose the Remove Friend option in the last step instead of Block.

How to Unblock Team Snapchat & Refriend Them

Step1: Open the Snapchat app and press your bitmoji to access your profile page. Your bitmoji will appear in the upper-left of the camera screen.

Step2: Hit the gear icon in the top-right corner.

Step3: Choose the Blocked option under the ACCOUNT ACTIONS header.

Step4: To unblock Team Snapchat, tap the X symbol next to their profile. Then choose Yes to confirm.

If you have unfriended Team Snapchat, you can add them back to your friends list. You may be wondering how to add Team Snapchat as a friend.

Look for the expression “teamsnapchat” in the Snapchat search bar and tap the Add button near their profile.

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