How to Change Your Birthday on Instagram 2022

In most parts of the world, users have to be at least 13 years old to create an account on Instagram. Instagram uses its users’ ages to determine what posts should appear in their feeds. You will learn in this article how to change your birthday on Instagram.

Instagram uses the birth details of users to offer age-appropriate content to younger users. So, your birthday influences what you can see and do on Instagram.

Do not worry if you have entered the wrong birthday on Instagram; you can easily update it.

How to Update Your Birthday on Instagram?

You can only change your birthday on the Instagram app. Instagram does not allow users to update their birthdays on desktop or mobile browser versions.

Here is how you can change your birthday on the Instagram app.

Step1: Open the Instagram app and tap your profile picture to head into your profile section.

Step2: Tap the Edit Profile button.

Step3: Tap Personal Information Settings at the bottom of the screen.

Step4: Tap Birthday to edit your birthday details. Now enter the correct date of birth and save it by tapping the tick mark at the top-right of the screen.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your birthday on Instagram.

Note that you can also change your birthday on Instagram by updating your birthday on Facebook if you have linked those two accounts.

However, you can still follow the steps in this article to update your birthday if you have not linked the two accounts.


Can You Show Your Birthday on Your Instagram Profile?

No, Instagram does not allow users to show their birthdays on their profiles. Only you can see the birth details you provide to Instagram.

Can You Remove Your Birthday from Instagram?

No, you cannot remove your birthday from Instagram once you have entered it. But, Instagram allows you to update your birth details on its platform. You can update your birthday on Instagram by applying the steps in this article.

What is the Maximum Number of Times You Can Update Your Birth Details on Instagram?

Instagram has not revealed how many times users can change their birth details. But we recommend you do not change your birthday frequently.

Changing your birth details too often is unusual activity on Instagram. It can cause Instagram to see your account as suspicious and suspend your account.

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