How to Change Facebook Notification Sound 2022

Facebook notifications alert us when we get a new update about our profile. In other words, your Facebook alert is a sound you hear often. So, your notification must be something you like. You will Learn in this article how to change your Facebook notification sound.

You will become frustrated by hearing your Facebook alerts frequently if you do not like its sound. One may also wish to customize their Facebook notification for other reasons. For instance, to make it more personal.

You can use a Facebook notification sound that reflects your personality. It will be better than the default Facebook notification.

I will show you how you can customize your Facebook notification. Later in the article, we will see how to turn off notification sounds on Facebook if you do not like them.

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How to Customize Facebook Notification Sound on Android

The following tutorial will show you how to change your Facebook notification sound on Android devices.

Step1: Tap and open the Facebook app on your Android phone.

Step2: Press the Hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step3: Select Settings & privacy, then choose Settings.

Step4: Select Notifications below the Preference header.

Step5: Locate the option “Where you receive notifications” and tap the Push button.

Step6: Select the Tone option.

Step7: Choose a sound you prefer for your Facebook notifications. Make sure to preview a sound before making it your Facebook notifications alert. You can preview a sound by tapping it.

Step8: You need to tap OK to confirm your choice.

You have changed your Facebook notification. From now on, you will hear your selected sound whenever you get a Facebook notification.

You can also disable the Facebook notification sound if you do not like it. To silence your Facebook notifications, disable the switch next to Sounds (after step 5 in the above tutorial).

Can You Change Facebook Notification Sound on iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cannot modify the Facebook notification sound on your iPhone. The iOS version of the app does not let you configure its notification sounds.

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