How to Change Instagram to Light Mode 2022

Turning on Dark mode on Instagram makes the app screen look darker than usual. It helps you enjoy a quality viewing experience in low-light environments. However, you may want to switch back to Light Mode when your surrounding becomes well-lighted again. We will show you how to change Instagram to light mode in 2022.

Let us find out how to turn on light mode on Instagram.

How to Change Instagram to Light Mode Using iPhone

On iPhone, you cannot switch from dark to light mode within the Instagram app. You will have to make some changes to your iPhone’s settings.

Here is how to can disable the dark mode on your iPhone. It is also worth noting that the below tutorial only applies to devices with the operating system iOS 13 or above.

Step1: Tap the Settings app on iPhone, then choose Display & Brightness.

Step2: Tap the Light option under the Appearance heading to turn on the light mode.

You have successfully switched to light mode on your iPhone.

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If the tutorial did not enable the light mode on Instagram, update your Instagram app to the latest version and try again. Note that activating light mode in your iPhone Setting might turn on the light mode on other apps besides Instagram.

How to Change Instagram to Light Mode Using Android

On Android devices, you can enable the light mode on Instagram in two ways. You can turn on the light mode on Instagram within the app or change your device’s settings to do that.

Method1: On the Instagram App

Step1: Open the Instagram app on your Android device, then tap your profile avatar in the bottom-right corner.

Step2: On your profile page, tap the top-right menu that looks like three stacked lines.

Step3: Select Settings, then choose Theme.

Step4: Tap Light to turn on the light mode on your Instagram app.

Method 2: Via Your device’s Settings

Your Android device must have the “Android 10” operating system or above for the following method to work.

Step1: Open the Settings app on your Android device.

Step2: Select Display & brightness.

Step3: Choose Light mode.

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