How to Delete Profile Picture On Instagram

Sometimes, we do not like our Instagram profile picture but do not have a better picture to replace it. You might want to leave your profile picture blank until you find a good enough photo to replace it. This article will show you how to delete your current profile picture on Instagram.

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How to Remove Profile Picture on Instagram Mobile App

The following tutorial will work on iPhone and Android devices.

Step1: Open the Instagram application on your smartphone.

Step2: Tap your profile avatar in the bottom menu.

Step3: Select the Edit Profile button when you land on your profile page.

Step4: Select the Change profile photo option below your current profile photo.

Step5: Choose the Remove profile photo option to get rid of your current profile picture.

You have learned how to delete your current Instagram profile picture. It will stop appearing on your profile page. Instead, a blank profile icon will show up in the place of your profile photo.

Select the “New profile Photo” option if you want to replace your current profile picture with a picture on your device.

How to Remove Instagram Profile Picture on Desktop

These steps will work on a Mac, Windows, and Chromebook.

Step1: Access the Instagram website using your computer’s local browser. Provide your login details if you are not logged into your Instagram account.

Step2: Click your profile picture in the upper-right section of the computer screen.

Step3: Choose Settings from the newly opened menu.

Step4: Click “Change profile photo.” This option will appear below your Instagram username.

Step5: To remove your current profile picture, click the Remove Current Photo option.

You may not want to delete your current Instagram profile picture but wish to replace it with another photo. If that is the case, choose Upload Photo. Then, pick the picture you want to use as your profile photo.

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