How to Disable or Improve Suggested Reels on Instagram

Suggested reels are reels that Instagram suggests in your feed. Reels are short clips that Instagram creators make and share with other users. Many people wonder whether we can disable suggested reels. Instagram considers several factors to determine what reels should appear in the feed of a particular user.

The most crucial factors Instagram uses for curating your suggested reels include the types of reels you have viewed, liked, and commented on in the past. Instagram already had a dedicated tab for reels. However, they introduced suggested reels in users’ feeds to increase the number of people who watch reels.

Many people feel that the suggested reels in their Instagram feed are often irrelevant to their interests. Additionally, some people find their suggested reels annoying and distracting. If you are among these camps of people, you will find this article valuable.

We will discuss in this article whether it is possible to disable suggested reels on Instagram. We will also see how you can get better suggested reels in your Instagram feed.

Can You Disable Suggested Reels on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer users an option to remove suggested reels from their feed. However, there are several ways to control what type of reels appear as suggestions in your feed. You can use the methods mentioned in this article to get better reel suggestions in the future.

How to Get Better Suggested Reels on Instagram

We have listed the most effective ways to improve suggested reels in your Instagram feed. They will limit the number of suggested reels that you do not like. The methods will also help you get more suggested reels relevant to your interests.

Method 1: Mark Reels as Not Interested

Step1: Launch Instagram and look for the Suggested Reels section in your feed.

Step2: Tap on a reel that you do not like.

Step3: Tap the three small dots that appear at the bottom-right of the Reel.

Step4: Select the Not interested option.

Now, Instagram will suggest to you fewer similar Reels in the future. You should repeat the above steps for all the reels in your feed that you do not like. Instagram will not suggest reels similar to ones you have marked as not interested.

Method 2: Watch and Interact with Reels You Like

One of the easiest ways to get better suggested reels on Instagram involves watching the reels you like most and interacting with them. Here, interacting with a reel means liking and commenting on it. Doing that will help Instagram suggest similar reels that you might like.

Method 3: Limit Sensitive (adult) Content 

Instagram already has strict policies against sharing sensitive (adult) content on its platform. Sensitive content on Instagram mainly means content that involves nudity, abuse, or violence. Instagram created these policies to protect the younger users on Instagram. However, sometimes you may still find content in your feed that you perceive as sensitive.

Luckily, you can easily remove sensitive content from your Instagram feed if they seem annoying or offensive to you. Here is a guide that will show you how to remove sensitive content from your Instagram feed.

Step1: Launch Instagram and visit your profile section by tapping your profile picture.

Step2: Tap the three-lined menu and select the Settings option.

Step3: Tap Account, then choose the Sensitive content control option.

Step4: Tap Limit Even More.

Now, Instagram will show you less sensitive content in your feed.

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