Does Snapchat Location Turn Off When Phone Dies

Snapchat has a feature known as Snap Maps. It lets you know the locations of your friends in real-time. We will discuss in this article does Snapchat location turn off when the phone dies.

Your location from the Snap Map will not disappear immediately after your phone dies. It usually takes about 8 hours of inactivity on Snapchat for your location to vanish from the Snap Map. Snapchat keeps updating your location when you use the app.

Snapchat stops updating your location in real-time when your phone dies. The same is true when you become inactive on Snapchat for other reasons. It will continue showing your last location for about 8 hours. If you do not become active on Snapchat again for more than 8 hours, your location will disappear from Snap Map.

Your location will only appear on Snapchat if you have not enabled the Ghost Mode feature. You also need to give Snapchat permission to track your location. When you activate the ghost mode feature on Snapchat, nobody can see your location on Snap Map.

You can decide to allow all or some of your friends to view your location on Snap Map. Note that you cannot see your friend’s location on Snap Map if they are using the ghost mode feature. The same is true if they have declined Snapchat the permission to locate their location.

Does Snap Location Turn Off When Phone Dies

Your location on Snap Map turns off when your phone dies, but it does not happen immediately. If you remain inactive on Snapchat for about 8 hours, Snap Map will remove your location. Note that the Snap Map does not update your location in real-time when you are inactive on Snapchat.

Snapchat will show your friends your last location for 8 hours after you become inactive. Your location will vanish if you do not become active on Snapchat during that time.

Does Snapchat Inform You When Someone Checks Your Location

No, Snapchat does not tell you when someone checks your location unless you have shared a Snap Map status. When you create a Snap Map staus, your Bitmoji looks different from its usual appearance. For instance, your Bitmoji appears as exercising when you share a gym status.

Note that your status will disappear when you change your location. You can tap your Bitmoji to find out which of your friends have viewed it. But it will tell you who viewed your location if it is a normal Bitmoji without any status.

What Does Your Location Say When Your Phone Dies?

When your phone dies, your location on Snap Map represents your last tracked location. The Snap Map will show your last tracked location for 8 hours before removing it.

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