Fix: Clubhouse App Not Working

Are you having issues with your Clubhouse app? We will explain in this article how you can fix the issue of the Clubhouse app not working well on your device.  

You are not alone if a popular social media app is not functioning as it should. Recently, many people have reported that the Clubhouse app is not working well on their devices.

We have covered the most likely reasons behind the dysfunction of the Clubhouse app and possible methods to fix them.

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Let’s first see the most common reasons that prevent the Clubhouse app from working well.

Why is Clubhouse App Not Working?

The following reasons may explain why the Clubhouse app is not working as it should on your device.

  • A bug or glitch is causing the Clubhouse app to malfunction
  • Your internet connection is unstable
  • A VPN is active on your device
  • Low data mode is ON on your smartphone
  • You are using an outdated version of the Clubhouse app
  • Your device is incompatible with the Clubhouse app

How to Fix “Clubhouse App Not Working”?

Fix 1: Use Stable Internet Connection

Apps that need an internet connection will not function well if the internet connection is poor. The same rule applies to the Clubhouse app. It may not be working well because you have a poor internet connection.

There are several ways to secure a stable internet connection. For instance, switching from a Wi-Fi network to mobile data or vice-versa can help you get rid of poor connectivity. You can also try deactivating, then activating your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Contact your internet provider if your internet speed does not improve after applying the above method.

Fix 2: Close and Relaunch Clubhouse App 

Sometimes closing and relaunching an app fixes an occasional technical glitch. You may find that closing and reopening the Clubhouse app will resolve the issues you are experiencing on the app. If doing that does not fix the errors on the Clubhouse app, try other methods.

Fix 3: Log Out, then log in to Clubhouse App

You may find logging out of the Clubhouse app, then logging into it again helpful. It is one of the most popular methods to fix random glitches on the Clubhouse app. The best thing about this method is that it is easy to apply.

Fix 4: Clear Clubhouse App Cache

All applications save cache files on your smartphone to offer you a better user experience. But too much app cache on your device can backfire. It can prevent the app from working well. Luckily, you can make the app work fine by clearing its app cache.

Here is how you can clear the Clubhouse app cache on iPhone and Android devices. Note that the precise steps for deleting the clubhouse app cache will differ on different device models.

On Android: Launch settings>> Find Clubhouse app and tap it>> Select clear cache.

On iPhone: Launch iPhone settings>> Select General>> Find Clubhouse app and tap it>> Select iPhone Storage>> Choose Offload App.

Fix 5: Delete & Reinstall Clubhouse App

Popular advice to fix issues on the clubhouse app involves uninstalling, then re-installing it. Doing that may help you fix the “Clubhouse app not working” issue.

Fix 6: Update Clubhouse App to Latest Version

It is no secret that many apps do not work well when they become outdated. In other words, you may see errors on the Clubhouse app because you are using an older app version. Fortunately, you can resolve the issue by updating your Clubhouse app to the latest version.

To update the Clubhouse app, open Google Play Store or Apple Store and look for the Clubhouse app. You will see an option to update the app if an update is available. Tap that option to get the latest Clubhouse app on your device.

Fix 7: Check the Compatibility of Your Device with Clubhouse App

All apps have some compatibility requirements. An app will not work on your phone if it fails to meet the compatibility requirements of the app.

So, see the compatibility requirements of the clubhouse app. Then, check if your device meets those requirements. Your only option is to use the Clubhouse app on another device if it is incompatible with your current device.

Fix 8: Disable VPN 

An active VPN can prevent the Clubhouse app from working well. You will likely see issues on the Clubhouse app if you log into it with an active VPN. You can fix this issue by disabling your VPN, then logging into the Clubhouse app.

Fix 9: Restart Your Device

Your smartphone may be causing dysfunction on the Clubhouse app. You can fix minor glitches on your device by restarting it.  

Fix 10: Wait Until Clubhouse Fixes the Bug

You cannot fix major bugs and glitches on the Clubhouse app. The clubhouse app is likely affected by a major bug if none of the above methods worked.

There is a high chance that the Clubhouse support team is already aware of the issue and is working their best to resolve it. You can only wait for the Clubhouse team to fix the bug. They usually take 24-48 hours to fix such issues.

Fix 11: Contact the Clubhouse Support Team

It is good practice to contact the Clubhouse support team when you cannot fix a problem using popular methods. But make sure to explain your issue to the Clubhouse support team in detail. The support team will do their best to solve your problem.


Here is a summary of the most popular ways to fix the “Clubhouse app not working” error on your device.

  • Use Stable Internet Connection
  • Close and Relaunch Clubhouse App 
  • Log Out, then log in to Clubhouse App
  • Clear Clubhouse App Cache
  • Delete & Reinstall Clubhouse App
  • Update Clubhouse App to Latest Version
  • Check Compatibility of Your Device with Clubhouse App
  • Disable VPN 
  • Restart Your Device
  • Wait Until Clubhouse Fixes the Bug
  • Contact Clubhouse Support Team

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