How to Get Rid Of Notes On Instagram

Instagram is currently testing a new feature called Notes. It is only available to chosen users at present. But Instagram plans to roll out the Notes feature gradually to all Instagram users. You will also learn in this article how to get rid of notes on Instagram.

As with all app updates, some people love Instagram notes while others are annoyed. Many people use social media to share their responses to Instagram notes.

Lets firs understand more about Instagram notes.

What is the Notes Feature?

Instagram notes are disappearing text messages that you can share with your friends. Your shared notes will automatically disappear after 24 hours. You can control the audience of your shared notes. For instance, you can share your notes with your followers whom you follow back or close friends.

Instagram only allows you to compose a note using 60 or fewer characters. The notes you share with your friends will appear in their inboxes. Similarly, your friends’ notes will appear in your chats section if they share them with you.

Users can also respond to a note in their chats section. All the responses will appear in the chats section of the person who shared the notes.

lets now see how to turn off notes on Instagram.

Get Rid of Instagram Notes

You might want to get rid of notes if you find it distracting. However, we should first ask if one can get rid of Instagram notes. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to turn off Notes on its most up-to-date app. However, there are a few workarounds to get rid of Instagram notes.  

Instagram is still testing its notes feature and trying to gauge users’ response to this new feature. In other words, notes is not yet a permanent feature on Instagram. But if a sufficient number of users give negative feedback about notes, Instagram might remove it.

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Instagram may also offer users an option to disable Notes in the future. However, you may not want to wait for Instagram to remove the notes feature (if it ever does) or offer an option to turn it off. Thankfully there is a more convenient way to turn off notes on Instagram.  

You can get rid of notes on Instagram by using an older version of the Instagram app. But note that there is a drawback with using an older Instagram app. It may cause you to miss out on other features that Instagram introduced in its later updates.

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