How to Use Giordano Filter On Instagram

Every few days, a new filter trends on Instagram. Only a few weeks ago, the crying filter was in vogue. As of now, the Giordano filter is most popular on Instagram. You may have heard about this Instagram filter if you browse Instagram often.

Do not worry if you have no clue about what the Giordano filter does. We will cover everything you need to know about this trending Instagram filter. Later, we will also see how you can use the Giordano filter and join the trend.

But, let’s consider first things first.

What is Giordano Filter

When you apply the Giordano filter on your video, a man in a blue hoodie starts appearing behind you. Using this filter while recording Instagram videos is simple.

After recording the video, you can share it on your story and surprise your friends.

How to Get Giordano Filter on Instagram

You can use the below guide on both iOS & Android devices.

Step1: Open Instagram on your mobile device.

Step2: Access the story editor page.

To go to the story editor page, swipe right on the screen, then choose the STORY option at the bottom. Alternatively, tap the Plus icon in the top-right corner and pick the Story option.

Step3: Slide through the available filters by swiping on the screen. Select the browse effects option in the extreme left. It will appear as a search icon.

Step4: On the Effect gallery page, tap the search icon in the top-right corner.

Step5: Enter “giordano michael” in the search bar, then select the first effect that shows in the result.

Step6: Tap the Try It button in the bottom left corner to use the filter. Tapping the button will lead you to the story editor page. You will find that the Giordano filter is already selected.  

Step7: Press and hold the camera button to record your video with the Giordano filter. Let go of the camera button when you finish recoding the video. You have successfully created an Instagram video using the Giordano filter.

Step8: Feel free to share the video on your Instagram story.

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