What Does It Mean When It Says Instagram User

Sometimes you may see a profile on your DM screen showing the “Instagram User” tag instead of the username. We will explain what does it mean when it says Instagram User in your DM section.

People wrongly think another person has blocked them when they see the mentioned tag on their profile. You can see the actual username of the profile by opening your conversation with them. Their username will appear at the top of the conversation screen.

Meaning of “Instagram User” on Your DM

 We have explained below the most common reasons for seeing the described tag on a profile.

Cause1: Deleted Account

The Instagram User tag appears on deleted accounts in other users’ DMs. Note that you will still be able to see your previous chats with them.

Cause2: Disabled Account

A person’s profile also shows the “Instagram User” tag when it is inactive. Users can deactivate their Instagram accounts manually to take a break from Instagram.

Sometimes Instagram deactivates users’ accounts as a punishment for violating community guidelines. People who disable their Instagram accounts can re-activate them whenever they wish. To enable their account, they only have to log back into Instagram.

You can read your previous chats with a disabled account. Their profile will display the new tag where their username appeared earlier. But you will not be able to send them messages until they re-activate their account.

Cause3: Banned Account

Instagram has many rules and guidelines that every person has to follow on its platform. The popular social media platform has made these rules to make its platform safe for all users. Instagram bans accounts that repeatedly violate its community guidelines.

Instagram usually issues several warnings to an account before deleting it. Note that Instagram does not ban people for breaking minor guidelines. Whether an account gets banned by Instagram depends on two factors. The severity and the frequency of offense by that account.

Meaning of the Instagram User tag in Your DM

When you see the mentioned tag on a profile in your DM, it does not mean they have blocked you. It means that the user has deleted or disabled their account. It could also mean that Instagram banned their account.

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