How to Like A Story On Instagram 2022

Instagram has introduced a new feature that lets you like someone’s stories. You will learn in this article how to like someone’s Instagram story on Instagram.

But story like counts is different from post like counts. In contrast to post like counts, your story like counts are private, and other users cannot see them.

This article will show you how to like an someone’s story. Later, we will see how to view who liked your Instagram stories.

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How to Like an Instagram Story

You need to use the latest Instagram app to get the feature of liking Instagram stories.

Step1: Open the story you want to like.

Step2: Hit the heart icon in the bottom-right corner of the story. The heart icon will appear between the Send message field and the paper airplane.

Tapping the heart icon will turn it red. You will know that you liked the story when that happens. To remove your like from the story, tap the heart symbol again.

The platform will not notify the other person that you have removed your like from their story. But they can figure that out by themselves if they have seen your like on their story and do not see it now.

How to See Story Likes on Instagram

You can view who has liked your story on the “Seen by” sheet. The “Seen by” option appears in the bottom-left corner of your stories. Tapping it will reveal all the profiles that have seen your story.

A heart symbol will appear next to your profile If someone likes your story. It is worth noting that only you can see who liked your story. Other people cannot see the like counts on your Instagram story.

Please note that you cannot see who has liked your stories if you are using an older Instagram app. So, update your Instagram app to the latest version to see who likes your Instagram stories.

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