How to Make A Poll On Instagram Story 2022

Did you know you can create your poll on Instagram? Making a poll on the platform is one of the best ways to interreact with your friends and followers. We will show you how to make a poll on Instagram Story and view its result.

Creating personalized polls will also help you know the opinions of your people about a particular matter. It is one of the quickest ways to learn about public opinion.

Let us find out how to use the poll sticker on Instagram to create a personalized poll.

How to Create A Poll on Instagram

Here is how you can create a poll in your Instagram story using the poll sticker.

Step1: Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device.

Step2: Go to the story creation page by swiping right on your homepage. Alternatively, you can access the story creation page by tapping the + icon in the top-right, then choosing Story.

Step3: Select a saved picture on your device or take a new one for your story. You can choose any photo for the background of your poll.

Step4: Tap the sticker icon. It will appear as a smiley face on a partially peeled sticker at the top of the screen.

Step5: Select the Poll sticker. You can also use the search bar to look for it if you do not see it on the screen.

Step6: Tap the text “Ask a question” to add the question you want to ask in your poll.

The poll sticker comes with two default possible answers, Yes and No. However, you can replace them with your possible responses.

Step7: Tap the Yes and No texts and enter the possible answers you want people to see on your poll.

Step8: You can change the position of the poll sticker on your story by dragging it. Additionally, you can resize it by pinching it in and out.

Step9: Share the post to your story.

People would be able to answer your poll when they see your story. The poll would also show them what percentages of people have chosen each given answer.

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How to See Your Poll Response and Share it

You can view poll responses on your Instagram story by opening the story and tapping Activity in the bottom-left corner.

You will see three options in the Activity section, Total Votes, Voters, and Story Viewers.

Total Votes tells you how many users have answered your poll and what percentages of people have chosen each given answer.

Voters show you the profiles of people who have responded to your poll.

Story Viewers tells you how many people have viewed your story.

You can also share the outcome of your poll on your story by tapping the Share Results button.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram with More Than 2 Options

Sometimes you may want to add more than two answers to your poll. However, that feature is only available to selected Instagram users. Instagram has allowed users in selected regions to add up to four possible answers to their poll sticker.

The feature to add more than two responses to the poll sticker is in the testing phase and unavailable to most Instagram users. But you can use the feature if you are one of the chosen few.

You will see “Add another option…” on the poll sticker if the feature of adding more than two responses is available to you. Tap the option to add up to four answers to your Instagram poll.

We have listed two things you can do to increase your odds of getting the new poll sticker feature.

  1. Update your Instagram app: Using an up-to-date app will make it more likely for you to get new features.
  2. Use other accounts: If you have more than one Instagram account, switching accounts may help you get the new poll sticker feature.

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