How to Pin Videos On TikTok 2022

Your TikTok videos usually appear in chronological order on your profile page. The new videos you share appear at the top of your earlier years. This article will explain how to pin videos on TikTok.

You can make your older videos appear at the top of your profile page by pinning them. It will help you showcase your best work at the top and get more attention.

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How to Pin TikTok Videos to the Top

The following tutorial will work on both iPhone and Android devices.

Step1: Open the TikTok application and tap the Profile tab in the bottom menu.

Step2: Browse your profile page to identify which videos have the most views or likes. Note that you can pin any video at the top of your profile page. But it might be better to pin videos at the top that will likely get more attention.

Step3: Open the video you want to pin at the top of your profile page.

Steo4: Tap the three little dots on your TikTok video.

Step5: Choose the Pin option from the menu.

Congratulations, you have successfully pinned the selected video at the top of your profile page. It is worth noting that you can only pin up to three videos on TikTok.

Why Pin Your Video?

There are many benefits of pinning a video on your TikTok profile. Pinning a video enables you to increase its exposure. When someone lands on your TikTok profile, they see your pinned videos first.

In other words, pinning your TikTok videos allows you to showcase your best work. Additionally, you can also pin your favorite videos at the top. Pinning a video fixes its position at the top. A pinned video will always appear at the top, even if you share many videos afterward.

Note that you can always unpin a video if you later change your mind.

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