What Does Priority Mean On Instagram DM?

Instagram is introducing a new feature called priority. The platform first released it at the beginning of June. The platform did not release the priority feature to all users. But things are changing gradually, and the priority feature is becoming available to more users.

We will cover in this article how the priority feature works and influence your DMs.

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What is Priority Feature on Instagram

The priority feature identifies the profiles with whom you chat and interact the most. Then, it displays the priority label next to their names in your DM.

The priority feature will help you identify the profiles that mean the most to you. In other words, it will help you pay special attention to messages from these people.

In theory, the priority feature seems a great addition to the social media platform. But many people have complained that it does not work as it should on their Instagram app. It marks contacts as a priority even when the user has only exchanged a few messages with them.

But we should remember that the priority feature has not become a permanent feature on Instagram. So, Instagram is still testing it and using people’s feedback to improve it. It might improve in the future, or Instagram will remove it.

Can You Label a Conversation Priority Manually?

Unfortunately, you cannot assign the priority label manually to conversations in your DM. The priority feature would be great if it enabled you to do that. Few people will complain about it if they can decide which profiles are a priority.

The priority feature has algorithms to identify the accounts with whom you chat and interact the most. It assigns a priority label to these accounts in your Instagram DM. So, you cannot place the priority label manually. But you may be able to do that on Instagram in future updates.

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