How To Put Athlete In Your Instagram Bio 

You may have seen Instagram profiles with categories in their bio. Categories are descriptions like athlete, artist, singer, teacher, etc. People use them to show people what they do. You will learn in this article how to put the athlete category in your Instagram bio.

You can only add categories in your bio on a professional Instagram account. So, you need to switch to a professional account if you are using a personal account.

We will show you how to use the athlete category on Instagram. But you can also use our guide to add other categories to your Instagram bio.

Let’s see how to get the athlete category on Instagram.  

How to Put Athlete on Instagram Bio 

Step1: Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device, then tap your profile picture.

Step2: On your profile page, tap the Hamburger (three-lined) menu.

Step3: Tap Settings, then choose Account.

Step4: Select the “Switch to professional account” option near the bottom of the screen.

Step5: Keep tapping the Continue button until you reach a screen with the header “What best describes you?”.

Step6: Select the athlete category for your Instagram account. You can also choose any other category and change it anytime.

Use the search bar to find the category you want to use for your profile if it is not in the suggested categories.

Step7: Tap the toggle next to Display on profile to make the chosen category appear in your Instagram bio.

Step8: Tap Done at the bottom of the screen to finish switching to a professional account.

Step9: Choose between the Creator and Business options when you land on the page with the heading “Are you a Creator?”. Afterward, hit the Next button.

Select the Creator option if you are a content producer, influencer, or public figure. But opt for the Business option if you are a retailer or your account represents a brand or organization.

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You have completed your professional profile and added the athlete category to your Instagram bio.

Note that the screen will still show you some extra steps that you can do to make your professional account more likely to succeed. You can perform those steps by following the simple on-screen instructions. Remember that you do not have to follow these extra steps right away. You can always do them later.

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