Can You Rearrange Instagram Posts After Posting 2022?

People often share a series of posts on Instagram to tell a story. Posting pictures and videos in the correct order is crucial to tell stories on Instagram. A single error in the order of your posts can ruin the narrative you are trying to convey.

It is common to make mistakes while uploading Instagram posts. Sometimes you may post pictures or videos on Instagram and realize afterward that you have uploaded them in the wrong order. We will discuss in this article if there is a way to rearrange your Instagram posts after posting them.  

Can You Change the Order of Instagram Posts after Posting Them?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the order of your Instagram posts after posting them. As of yet, Instagram does not allow users to edit the sequence of their posts after sharing them. However, there are indirect ways to rearrange your shared Instagram posts.

If you think that the order of your Instagram posts is wrong, you can delete them and re-upload them in the correct order. The only problem with this method is that it will make you lose all the likes and comments you received on your original posts.

You can also re-upload your posts in the correct order without deleting the original posts. This method will help you rearrange your posts in the proper order without losing all the likes and other interactions from your posts.

Re-uploading posts in the correct order without first deleting the original ones can cause problems. It will create duplicates of your posts, which will make your Instagram feed look slightly less attractive.

Be careful while sharing posts next time on Instagram. After all, it is a pearl of commonplace wisdom that precaution is better than cure. You can also use a preview app to know how your posts will appear on Instagram before publishing them.

Using a preview app for your posts will help you avoid making mistakes while posting them on Instagram. There are many such preview apps in both Plays Store and App Store. Preview is one of the most popular and effective apps for viewing the previews of your Instagram posts before posting them. However, you can use any other preview apps for Instagram posts with decent ratings and reviews.

Can You Change the Order of Photos (Carousel) On Instagram After Sharing Them?

Sadly, you cannot change the order of pictures in your carousel posts after sharing them on Instagram. The only way to change the order of the posts involves deleting them and then re-uploading them in the correct order.

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