How To Add A Secret Message Link On Your Facebook Profile 2022

You can use a secret message link in your Facebook profile to get anonymous messages from other users. You might want to use these links to allow your friends to send you messages without disclosing their identities.

We will explain in this article the step-by-step procedure of adding an anonymous message link to your Facebook profile.

Add Secret Message Link on Facebook

Adding a secret message link to your Facebook profile involves two different parts. The first part includes creating a secret message link and the second part consists in copying this link to your Facebook profile.

We have explained both parts below.

Part1: Create an Anonymous Secret Message Link

Step1: Visit using your mobile browser.

Step2: Write your name in the text field below the text that says Enter your name.

Step3: Tap the Create your Link button. The screen will now show you your User ID and Pin, which you will need later to see the secret messages you receive on Facebook.

Step4: Note down your User ID and Pin. You can save them by taking a screenshot of the screen or noting them down on your device’s Note app.

Step5: Tap the Clip to Copy button to copy the created link.

You have successfully generated a secret message link. Now, follow the below steps to add this link to your Facebook profile.

Part2: Paste the Anonymous Link in Your Facebook Profile

Step1: Launch the Facebook app and tap the three-lined menu in the upper-right corner.

Step2: Tap your Display name or the See your profile option below it.

Step3: Tap the Edit Public Details button.

Step4: Tap the Add option next to Links.

Step5: Tap the Add Website button below Websites.

Step6: Paste the link you copied in step5 and tap Done on your keyboard.

Step7: Tap Save in the top-right corner to save your changes.

An anonymous message link will start appearing on your Facebook profile. Other users can use this link to send you anonymous messages. You can read those anonymous messages by visiting the website where you created your secret message link.

If you logged out of the website, enter the User ID and Pin to sign in again. You can see the secret messages by heading into the inbox after you have signed in.

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