How to See Liked Reels On Instagram 2022

The like button on Instagram lets you appreciate content that resonates with you. One type of content that people especially like is reels. We will show you how to see your liked reels on Instagram?

Reels are short-length videos that Instagram introduced to increase user engagement on its platform. You might want to re-watch reels that you liked in the past. To do that, you need to know where your liked reels are.

Let us find out how to discover your liked reels on Instagram.

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How to View Liked Reels on Instagram

The steps will work for Android & iPhone.

Step1: Launch the Instagram app and press your profile avatar in the lower-right corner of the home screen.

Step2: Tap the upper-right menu that looks like three horizontal lines.

Step3: Choose Your activity from the menu.

Step4: Select Interactions.

Step6: Tap Likes.

The Likes page will show you all of the reels and posts you have liked on Instagram. You now know how you can see your liked reels on Instagram. Note that the page will show you your liked reels and post together. So, you would have to find the liked reels you want to see manually.

You can distinguish between your liked reels and posts by noticing the reels icon in the top-left corner of reels. To find a particular reel, you can take the help of the Sort & filter option. Additionally, you can change the chronological order of your liked reels and posts by tapping the Sort by option.

Sometimes, we lose interest in a reel that we liked earlier. You can unlike those reels and remove them from your Liked page on Instagram. It will help you unclutter your Like page and find specific reels easier.

How to Unlike Liked Reels

You can unlike your liked reels individually or unlike them in bulk. To unlike a single reel, open it and press the red heart icon.

Follow the below steps if you want to unlike your multiple liked reels at once.

Step1: On your Likes page, tap the Select option in the upper-right corner.

Step2: Choose all the reels you want to unlike. Note that you can only select up to 100 reels at a time.

Step3: Tap the Unlike option.

To unlike more than 100 posts simultaneously, repeat the above steps.

Can You See Liked Reels on Instagram Desktop?

Unfortunately, you cannot view your liked reels on the desktop version of Instagram. Instagram has not introduced the reels feature on its website version yet. As of now, you can only view reels on the Instagram app.

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