How to See Saved Reels On Instagram 2022

Instagram lets you bookmark reels that you find interesting and would like to watch later. You can bookmark your favorite reels by saving them. We will explain in this article how to see saved reels on Instagram.

Note that the save feature on Instagram does not download the reels on your device. Instead, saving a reel only bookmarks it on Instagram. You can view your saved reels in the saved reels folder. Do not worry if you do not know how to find your saved reels folder.

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How to View Saved Reels on Instagram App

Step1: Open Instagram on your iPhone or Android device.

Step2: Hit your profile picture in the bottom-right section to visit your profile page.

Step3: Press the three stacked lines in the top-right of the screen.

Step4: Choose the Saved option from the menu.

Step5: Select All posts. You can also open a specific collection if you have created one of them.

Step6: Open the Reels tab.

The Reels tab will show you all the reels you have saved on Instagram. If you find that some of your saved reels no longer interest you, consider removing them. Unnecessary reels will clutter your saved reels folder and make it hard to find reels that you like.

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Here is how you can unsave reels and remove them from your saved reels folder.

Step1: Tap and play the reel you want to remove from your saved reels page.

Step2: Tap the three small dots in the bottom-right corner of the reel.

Step3: Select Unsave.

You have successfully unsaved the selected reel. Do that to all your saved reels that you no longer find interesting. 

You can also see your saved reels using a computer.

How to find Saved Reels on Instagram Website (Computer)

Step1: Go to the Instagram website using your desktop browser and log into your account.

Step2: Click your profile icon and select the Saved option. Your profile icon will appear in the top-right corner of the screen.

The Saved page will show all the posts or reels you have saved on Instagram. Please note that the Instagram website does not have a separate tab for your saved reels. Instead, it shows all the content you save on Instagram on a single page.

You can also remove a reel from the saved page on the Instagram website. To unsave a reel on the Instagram website, open it and click the save icon in the lower-right corner.   


Can someone see your saved reels on Instagram?

No, an Instagram user can only view their saved reels. Others cannot know what reels you have saved on Instagram. Similarly, you cannot know what reels other people have saved.

Can you unsave a reel on Instagram?

Yes, you can unsave a reel that you saved earlier on Instagram. We have explained above how you can unsave your saved reels.

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