How to See When You Joined Facebook 2022

Do you want to see when you joined Facebook but do not know how to do that? Worry not because we will help you see your Facebook account creation date. Facebook keeps a record of when its users sign up on its platform.

You can view your account creation date on both Facebook mobile app and website. Note that you can also see your Snapchat account creation date.

To know when you joined Facebook, you need to head into Facebook settings. Then, you only have to tap or click a few times to see when you signed up for Facebook.

Let’s find out how to view the precise date you signed up for a Facebook account.

How to Tell When You Joined Facebook Using Mobile

The following tutorial will work on both Android & iPhone.

Step1: Open the Facebook application and tap the Hamburger menu. You will find the Hamburger menu in the top right corner on an Android device. But it will appear in the bottom-right corner on an iPhone.

Step2: Select Settings & privacy from the menu, then choose Settings.

Step3: Select Access your information under the Your information section.

Step4: Tap Personal information below Your information.

Step5: The date you joined Facebook will appear below Profile information.

You can also use a computer to see when you joined Facebook.

How to Check When You Joined Facebook on PC

Step1: Use your computer browser to log into the Facebook website.

Step2: Click your profile avatar in the upper-right corner, then choose Settings and privacy.

Step3: Select Settings.

Step4: Click “Your Facebook information” in the left-side window.

Step5: Click the View button alongside the Access your information option.

Step6: Next, select Personal information in the left window.

You will see when you joined Facebook in the Personal information section.


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