How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story 2022

Instagram allows you to tag other users in your Instagram story. Tagging and mentioning someone on Instagram means the same thing. We usually tag someone in our shared content when they are associated with it. You can easily tag someone in Instagram story. It will let the story viewers know about people connected with your story. 

For example, you might want to tag your friends if you post a picture of yourself with your friends. Doing that will help other people know about everyone involved in the post. We will cover in this article how to tag someone in your Instagram story. We will also answer frequently asked questions about tagging someone in Instagram stories.

Before we go deeper, let’s see what tagging someone on Instagram precisely means.

What Does Tagging Someone on Instagram Mean?

When you tag someone in your shared content, their usernames appear with it. It lets the viewers know who is related to the shared post. Tagging someone on Instagram creates a clickable link to that person’s profile. People can tap it to visit that person’s Instagram profile.

Tagging is a crucial tool for doing brand endorsements on Instagram. For instance, when a popular account tags a brand in their posts, other people can tap the tagged username to visit their official profile. Users usually get a notification when you mention them on Instagram.

Here is an easy guide that will show how to mention someone in your Instagram Story.

How to Mention Someone in Instagram Story?

Step1: Launch the Instagram app and swipe right on your home screen to create a new story. Alternatively, you can also tap the “+” icon in the top-right of the home screen to create a new story.

Step2: Select the picture you want to share as your Instagram story. You can take a new picture for your story or choose one from your gallery or camera roll.

Step3: Tap the “Aa” icon in the top-right corner and write the username of the person you want to mention in your story. Also, write “@” before the username and ensure that there are no spaces in the username. In other words, you have to write all the characters in the username without any gaps.


You can also mention a person in your story using an Instagram sticker. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal available Instagram stickers. Select the “@MENTION” sticker and tap the username of the person you want to mention in your story.

Step4: Tap the Your story option in the bottom left to share the story.

You can tag a maximum of 20 users in each of your Instagram stories. 

How to Tag Someone on Instagram Story Without Displaying Their Name?

Step1: Select the picture for your story.

Step2: Tap the “Aa” icon in the top-right corner and write the username of the person you want to mention in your story. Include “@” before the username and write the username without any spaces.

Step3: Drag the text to where you want it to appear in the story and tap on it.  

Step4: Tap on the color palette at the top of the screen and select the color picker tool.

Step5: Move the color picker tool on the picture and match the color of the text used for tagging with the color of its background picture. Doing that will make your tagged text invisible.

Step6: Now, tap the Your story option in the bottom left to share the story.


Can I tag a private account in my Instagram story?

Yes, you can tag both private and public accounts on Instagram. Instagram does not stop users from mentioning private accounts in their stories.

Can I tag someone on my Instagram story without them knowing?

No, Instagram does not allow users to mention someone in their stories without them knowing. Whenever you tag a person in your story, Instagram sends them a notification. In addition, the person you have mentioned will automatically get a preview of the story via a direct message from you.

What happens when I tag someone in my story from whom I have hidden my story?

The person you have tagged in your story will not get notified if you have hidden the story from them. Additionally, they would not get a preview of the story they are tagged in via you in their inbox. The person would not be able to see the story even if they visit your profile.

What happens if I mention someone who doesn’t follow me on Instagram and my account is private?

You can mention users who do not follow you on Instagram, even if you have a private account. However, the person you have tagged would not get any notifications.

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