How to Tell If Someone Has Snapchat Plus

Snapchat is trending on the Internet for its premium subscription service Snapchat Plus. The premium subscription costs $3.99 and offers various features you cannot access on the free Snapchat. You will learn in this article how to tell if someone has a Snapchat Plus subscription.

In addition to several exclusive features, Snapchat Plus members will get early access to all the new features on the free Snapchat. There is good news for you if you want to try the Snapchat Plus subscription but are unsure if it is worth your money.

Snapchat lets you use a 7-day free trial of Snapchat Plus. You can use this free trial to know if the Snapchat premium subscription is right for you.

Now, let us see how you can find out of your friends have a Snapchat Plus subscription.

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How to Know If Someone Has Snapchat Premium

Members of Snapchat Plus have an option to show the Snapchat+ badge on their profile. So, you can use this fact to know if your friends have a Snapchat premium subscription. To know if someone has Snapchat Plus, visit their profile and look for the Snapchat+ badge.

Note that this method for finding out if someone has Snapchat Plus may not work in every case. As we have mentioned, putting a Snapchat+ badge on the profile is an optional feature on Snapchat Plus.

In other words, a person may subscribe to Snapchat Plus but decide not to put the Snapchat+ badge on their profile. In such cases, you cannot tell if someone has Snapchat Plus by only looking at their profile.

Would Others Know If You Have Snapchat Plus?

Whether someone discovers you have a Snapchat Plus subscription depends on whether you have turned on the Snapchat+ badge feature. An exclusive Snapchat+ badge appears on your profile when you enable the badge feature.

The Snapchat+ badge on your profile will show your friends that you have Snapchat Plus. If you do not want your friends to know that you have Snapchat Plus, follow the below steps.

Step1: Open the Snapchat app and hit your bitmoji to access your profile page.

Step2: On your profile page, tap the Snapchat+ member card.

Step3: Tap the Snapchat+ Badge toggle to remove the Snapchat Plus badge from your profile.

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