How to Turn ON/ OFF Activity Status On TikTok?

TikTok lets you see the active status of your mutual followers. Your mutual followers are people whom you follow and who follow you back. We will cover in this article how to turn ON or OFF the activity status option on TikTok.

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The active status feature allows you to see when your mutual followers are online.

Can You Check if Someone is Active on TikTok?

You must be 18 or older to use the active status feature on TikTok. Additionally, the feature is not available to all users. So, you might have to wait for TikTok to release this feature in your region if you don’t see it.  

You can only see the active status of your mutual followers if both you and they have enabled the active status option. Note that your activity status is disabled by default.

Let’s see how to enable the activity status option.

How to turn your Activity Status ON or OFF

The following tutorial will work on iPhone & Android devices.

Step1: Open your TikTok application and tap the Profile tab in the bottom menu.

Step2: Tap the three stacked lines in the top-right, then select Settings and privacy.

Step3: Choose Privacy.

Step4: Tap the Activity Status toggle to enable or disable it.

How to See Activity Status on TikTok

You can see the active status of your mutual followers on TikTok if both of you have turned on the active status option. The active status of a TikTok user appears on their profile picture. You will see a green dot on your mutual followers’ profiles if they are online on TikTok.

The active status of TikTok users appears in several places. For instance, you can see it in your inbox, chat interface, the profile page of your mutual followers, and the window that opens when you choose people to tag.

It is worth noting that the green dot on the profile pictures of your mutual followers may appear for a while, even after they become offline on TikTok. You will see when they were last active if they became offline less than two days ago.

You would not see the activity status of TikTok users who were online more than two days ago.

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