How to Turn ON or OFF Vanish Mode On Instagram 2022

You can use the vanish mode feature to exchange disappearing messages with your friends. The disappearing messages can be texts, pictures, videos, and other types of files. We will show you how to turn on or off the vanish mode feature on Instagram.

The messages exchanged in the vanish mode will disappear from the DM screen of a person when they disable the vanish mode or close the DM screen. It might be a good idea to know how the vanish mode feature work before using it.

You should keep in mind the following points before enabling the vanish mode feature.

How Vanish Mode Works on Instagram

  • You cannot use Vanish mode to send disappearing messages in a group chat.
  • You can only send disappearing message requests to people with whom you have connected before.
  • You can only use the vanish mode feature on Instagram to send disappearing messages to other Instagram users.
  • The sender and receiver cannot copy, forward, or save messages while using the vanish mode without the other party knowing about it. If one of them take a screenshot of the DM screen or video record it, Instagram will notify the other party. However, there are ways to bypass this rule. For instance, a person can use a camera to record or capture your disappearing messages. Instagram cannot notify you if that happens. It is best to only send disappearing messages to people you trust.

Note that you need the updated Messenger features to use the vanish mode.

Follow the below guide if you have not updated the messaging feature on Instagram. If you already have the updated Instagram messaging, skip the following section.

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How to Update Messaging on Instagram

Step1: Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile page.

Step2: Tap the three stacked lines in the top-right of the screen, then choose Update Messaging.

Step3: Tap Update.

You have successfully updated the messaging feature on Instagram. Now, you can use the Vanish mode feature. If you did not find the Update Messaging feature in step 2, you already have the updated messaging feature.

Let us find out how to enable the vanish mode feature on your Instagram app.

How to Turn ON Vanish Mode

Step1: Open the Instagram app and access your Chats page. To access the Chats page, tap the Chat icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step2: Select the chat for which you want to apply the vanish mode feature.

Step3: On the DM screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to activate the vanish mode feature. A notification will appear on the screen to tell you that you have entered vanish mode.

You can now send disappearing text messages, videos, and pictures to your selected friend. Instagram will notify them that you sent them a disappearing message.

Your friend would have to enter the vanish mode to see your messages. Tapping the notification message will activate their vanish mode feature.

The messages you send to your friend will disappear once they read them and exit the chat screen. You may want to disable the vanish mode feature after using it.

Here is how you can exit vanish mode on Instagram.

How to Disable Vanish Mode

Step1: Open the chat for which you enabled the vanish mode feature.

Step2: To disable the vanish mode feature, swipe up on the screen. You will get a notification when you return to the usual chat.

Note that all your previous chats in the DM would remain unchanged.

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