How to View Archived Posts On Instagram 2022

Archiving a post does not permanently delete it. When you archive a post, it moves from your profile to the archive folder. We will show you how to view your archived posts on Instagram.

People usually delete their Instagram posts if they do not like them. But what if you are not sure whether you should remove one of your posts or not? Instagram introduced the archive feature to address the same issue.

Note that only you can access your archive folder. So, nobody will be able to see your archived posts. The best thing about the archive feature is that you can restore it to your profile whenever you wish.

Let’s find out how to access your archived posts.

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How to Find Archived Posts on Instagram

Step1: Launch the Instagram application on your device.

Step2: Hit your profile avatar in the lower-right section of the app screen.

Step3: Tap the three stacked lines in the top-right corner, then choose Archive. The Archive folder will show your archived stories first.

Step4: To see your archived posts, tap the dropdown icon at the top and choose Posts Archive.

You can restore an archived post to its original position or remove it permanently from your Instagram account.

Open the post you want to unarchive and tap the three-lined menu on its top-right section. Then, select Show on Profile. Choose the Delete option to delete the archived post.

Can You View Archived Posts on the Instagram Website? 

Unfortunately, the Instagram website does not offer you an option to see your archived posts. Note that it is true for the Instagram website on both your computer and mobile device. You can only see your archived posts on the Instagram application.

Thankfully, there is a workaround to see your archived posts on the Instagram website using your desktop. To see archived posts on your computer, you have to install a software called Bluestacks. The software enables you to install mobile applications on your desktop.

So, you can use it to install the mobile version of the Instagram app on your computer. That way, you can see your archived posts on the Instagram website.

Can You See Someone’s Archived Posts on Instagram?

No, you cannot see others’ archived posts. A user can only view their archived posts on Instagram. So, you cannot see others’ archived posts, and they cannot see your archived posts.


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